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Twenty Plus Reasons To Become ‘Firewise'”

Wildfires are a part of living in Montana, but can also create devastating and potentially life threatening situations. Wildfire risks can be managed and reduced by utilizing science based ‘firewise’ practices such as strategic thinning, and creation of ‘survivable space’ around one’s home. Listed below are Twenty+ Reasons To Become ‘Firewise’:

1. It helps reduce wildfire danger for your family and home, and could actually save lives (some ‘untreated’ properties can be too dangerous for fire fighters to defend) ;

2. It improves ‘work place safety’ for firefighters in the event of a wildfire (fire fighters deserve our support);

3. It makes your property look better (more wild flowers, and the trees are healthier);

4. It benefits wildlife by making it easier to walk through a ‘firewised’ forest;

5. It makes it easier for you to hike and enjoy your property;

6. It’s simple and easy to do, and can significantly reduce wildfire risks;

7. ‘Firewise’ practices help protect and conserve the land for future generations;

8. ‘Firewising’ makes you feel ‘closer to the land’, and enriches the ‘forest living’ experience;

9. ‘Firewising’ is to forest health what flossing is to healthy teeth (i.e ‘only floss the forests you want to keep’);

10. ‘Firewise’ practices help protect the investment in your home, and can make it easier to obtain insurance;

11. When you become a ‘firewise’ and ‘fire-adapted’ community, you reduce wildfire risks for your neighbors too;

12. ‘Firewising’ is a great way to learn about forest stewardship;

13. ‘Firewising’ is a great way to meet your local firefighters;

14. Becoming ‘firewise’ can help you qualify for grants to save on costs;

15. ‘Firewising’ shows respect for the land and forest;

16. ‘Firewising’ is great outdoor exercise;

17. ‘Firewising’ makes you feel good because you know it’s ‘the right thing to do’;

18. Fire fighters respect and appreciate people who are ‘firewise’.

19. ‘Firewise practices help protect the trees and forests we love;

20. With ‘firewise’ you can do as little, or as much, as you like and still make a difference;


21. If you live in the forest, being ‘firewise’ is your personal responsibility, and a part of ‘responsible forest living’;

22. Only the individual land owner has the legal authority and/or ability to become ‘firewise’;

23. Becoming a ‘firewise’ community builds greater cooperation and friendships among neighbors;

24. Following ‘firewise’ practices is a great way to say “Thank you” to firefighters;

North Fork ‘Firewise’ Day

North Fork 'Firewise' Day July 16, 2014

North Fork ‘Firewise’ Day July 16, 2014

The eleventh annual North Fork Landowners Association meeting and ‘Firewise’ Day held on July 16, 2014 was another very well attended and highly successful event this year.  The meeting was held at the Sondreson Community Hall.  North Fork property owners (above) listen to a speaker discuss the importance of being a ‘firewise’ community.  To learn more about the North Fork ‘firewise’ community, please click here.

Quick Tips to Keep your Home and Family Ready for Wildfire this Summer

Fire Season Tips

FireSafe Montana’s Annual Meeting May 20th

FireSafe Montana’s 2014 Annual Meeting

Date: May 20th

Time: 9:00am- 3:00 pm

2705 Spurgin Road.  Missoula, MT 59804
In the Clark Fork Room

We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions please email Jennifer LaManna at or call 406-431-8718.

FSM Annual Meeting Agenda 2014 (pdf version)  Click here to read more »

Firewise Landscaping, planning NOW for the 2014 fire season

Firewise Landscaping, planning NOW for the 2014 fire season

Click here for a downloadable version

While most homeowners are aware of planning for fire prevention when building or purchasing a home, there is another important aspect that should be considered.  This is the outside landscaping. Click here to read more »