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How wildfires are changing in Colorado and the American West

THE FIRE LINE: WILDFIRE IN COLORADO : Waldo Canyon, Black Forest and how wildfires are changing in Colorado and the American West

Watch the special Denver Post documentary, “The Fire Line: Wildfire in Colorado.”

Four times in four years, wind-fanned flames raced through Colorado neighborhoods in and at the edge of dying forests, killing people and breaking records for destruction. And because more than 100,000 people in the last decade have moved into “red-zone” areas primed for conflagration by a century of fire suppression, no one is sure that the devastating fires of 2012 and 2013 will not be repeated.

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Video on how hazardous fuel reduction can restore a watershed and a meadow

A great success story on how fuel hazard reduction can help restore a meadow, a precious watershed, and bring together a community.

Educational Videos for Homeowners or Presentors

Below please find a list of educational videos for use by homeowners or presenters:

All videos available on our YouTube Page

1/3 Mile to Safety:  Learning from one family’s tragedy

In August of 2010, homeowners, fire fighters, and others gathered in a remote corner of Montana to hear the story and learn how to protect their own lives and property should wildfire strike.  Follow them as they walk their own “1/3 of a mile” and lean more about the events of that terrible day in California through a remarkable event called a “staff ride.  “1/3 Mile to Safety: A Family’s Story” tells an important story for any homeowner in the Wildland Urban Interface.

Preventing Home Ignitions:  Jack Cohen from the Missoula Fire Lab.

Jack Cohen takes the viewer step by step to understand how embers can ignite homes in the wildland urban interface.  A great video for homeowners and community meeting to be able to learn how to make their home more resistant to the effects of wildfire.

Ready Set Go Montana: 

A short introduction to the Ready Set Go Program.  With just a little bit of  Learn how to be Ready, what to do prepare for evacuation, and when to go.

Why you should start a FireSafe Council:

Introduction to FireSafe Montana