One Less Spark Campaign


Northern Rockies Coordinating Group Fire Prevention Campaign Toolkit

One Less Spark- One Less Wildfire (OLS) is a multi-state campaign designed to provide constant reminders to help reduce the number of human-caused wildfires. This campaign features a pre-developed Toolkit which provides educational materials, public service announcements, graphics, and more, that can be used and/or modified for your wildfire prevention/preparedness needs. Stakeholders and the public may download and print any of the graphics and materials provided on this site.


  • There are several versions of the graphics files (different color backgrounds, sizes, with/without messages, blank, etc.)
  • The Adobe Illustrator files require specific software to open and edit. They are included as a reference.
  • All graphics are saved as pdf (easy to print) and jpg (can insert into other publications).
  • Use the ppt files to edit and add your own specific messages to meet the needs of your audience, add a logo, etc.

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Whether you are a seasoned wildfire prevention educator or new to the role of wildfire safety education, this One Less Spark (OLS) media toolkit will strengthen your visibility and credibility, in addition to enhancing the importance of wildfire safety in the community and re­ducing the loss of life and property from fire. This OLS media toolkit is a template for you to tell your story to the public. Add, edit or delete products to enhance your wildfire messaging.

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This folder has examples of strategies and implementation plans, as well as background information. There is also a Communication Strategy and Implementation Plan that you can edit for your Zone.

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Two companies offer products for order to assist you in your prevention and outreach efforts.

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This allows us to monitor comments and feedback received from the One Less Spark Campaign. Click the link to add your prevention and outreach efforts. Select “One Less Spark” in the Type of Event field. Fill in the boxes and hit submit. Complete an entry for every prevention/outreach effort.

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