Red Flag Warnings For August 30, 2016 For the ‘Copper King’ and ‘Roaring Lion Fires’

InciWeb has announced a ‘red flag’ warning today (8/30/16) for the ‘Copper King’ Fire that has now burned nearly 25,000 acres in the Lolo National Forest northeast of Thompson Falls.  This warning says to expect low humidity, and an unstable air mass, and scattered, dry thunderstorms by late afternoon into the evening

Similarly, a ‘red flag’ warning has been issued for 8/30/16 for the area of the Roaring Lion Fire in the Bitterroot National Forest near Hamilton.  This fire has claimed 14 homes and the life of one person (a sixty-four year old man who tragically suffered a heart attack during mandatory evacuation), and has burned approximately 8500 acres.  The warning is from noon to 9:00 PM 8/30/16 due to strong winds (20-30 MPH with gusts of 35-55 MPH near expected thunderstorms).

These active fires are stark reminders that Montana’s fire season is still ongoing and that Montanans should remain vigilant and promptly report smoke or wildfires by calling 911.  For more information, please visit the ‘Smoke & Fire Reports’ link on FireSafe Montana’s home page.



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