FireSafe Montana’s Annual Meeting May 20th

FireSafe Montana’s 2014 Annual Meeting

Date: May 20th

Time: 9:00am- 3:00 pm

2705 Spurgin Road.  Missoula, MT 59804
In the Clark Fork Room

We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions please email Jennifer LaManna at or call 406-431-8718.

FSM Annual Meeting Agenda 2014 (pdf version) 

Board Meeting:

8:30- 8:40

Approval of 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

Approval of 2014 Operating Budget

Approval of 2014 First QTR Financials

8:40- 8:50 Treasurer’s Report *detailed in the Annual Report

Annual Meeting

9:00- 9:15 Welcome and Introductions

9:15- 9:45 2013-2014 Highlights and Updates from FireSafe Councils, Organizations, Agency Reps, and others.

9:45- 11:30 FireSafe Montana Program Update and Coming Events

1. Wildfire Awareness Week and community events (Jennifer LaManna) (10 min)

2. Builders and Landscapers Certification Program (Ray Prill) (10 min)

3. Enough is Enough Campaign how it started and where it is going (Sonny Stiger)

(45 min)

4. Firefighter Safety Resolution (Pat McKelvey) (10min)

5. Enough is Enough Summit and where we are headed (Matt Arno) (10 min)

11:30- 12:15 Lunch – The Fire Line Video – (Awards and Recognition) (Jennifer LaManna and Pat McKelvey)

12:15- 1:15 Roundtable: Facing the facts of Wildfire in the WUI: How did we get where we are, what is our current situation, and how do we get where we are going? (Carol Daly, Bill Swope, Steve Arno, Gary Ellingson, Sally Mauk, Sonny Stiger)

*Message from Tester and Walsh Representatives.

1:15- 1:45 New Board Members (Pat McKelvey)

1. Nominations/ Introductions

2. Voting

3. Announcement of ballots

2:00- 3:00 Organizational Strategic Planning (motion to address the below agenda items)

1. Committee Updates

2. Review and update bylaws in regard to board terms

3. Moving Forward

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